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"Our parents dreamed of getting to Jerusalem for years," says Orly Ma

Be Aware of Oral Health Problems Unique to Your Children
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There are several problems which affect children’s oral health including thumb sucking, oral decay, lip sucking, tongue thrusting, and early tooth loss. Although baby teeth get replaced with permanent ones, keeping the teeth of the baby healthy is crucial to the overall health of the kid and his well-being.

Baby bottle tooth decay

Also known as nursing bottle syndrome, nursing caries, and early childhood caries, baby bottle tooth decay happens when the teeth of the baby get into contact with sugar from drinks like milk, juices; dilute fruit juice, sugary water, and other sweet drinks. If infants sleep with milk in their mouth, they become exposed to the risk of getting tooth decay. Bacteria found in the mouth feed on the sugar, resulting in tooth decay.

If it is left without treatment, these teeth can result in pain that makes it hard to eat and chew. Additionally, baby teeth are space savers for adult teeth. If these teeth become damaged, they cannot help guide permanent teeth achieve positioning, thus resulting in crooked teeth or crowded permanent teeth. Teeth that are badly decayed results in abscessed teeth, exposing the whole body to a probable infection.

How to prevent tooth decay

During the day, it is crucial to comfort or calm the infant. Do not provide a bottle full of sugary milk or drinks; instead, give pacifiers and plain water. Do not dip the pacifier of the baby in honey, sugar, or any sugary drink. Do not put the baby to bed with sugary drinks in the bottle. Give minimal amounts of water or use pacifiers in their place. Too much water is also harmful to children. In case the baby is nursing during the night, you need to ensure that you eliminate the breast from the mouth when the child falls asleep. Do not add sugar to the food of the child.

You will also have to utilize a wet gauze or cloth to wipe the teeth and gums of the teeth after each feeding. This is helpful in eliminating sugar and bacteria forming plaque that has built on gums and teeth. You also need to consult the dentist on the fluoride needs of the baby. In case your drinking water does not have fluoride, you may require fluoride treatments or fluoride supplements.

You will also have to train your baby to drink from the cup since the first birthday. Using a sippy cup eliminates the exposure of teeth to sugars but using it constantly may still result in decays if the drinks are sugary.

All individuals can benefit from dental health standard guideline like brushing twice daily, flossing daily, avoiding the use of tobacco, maintaining a healthy diet, and going for regular dental checkups. Being on top of dental hygiene helps you avoid disease to gums and keeps the teeth strong and healthy for long. However, children have a unique concern that needs careful handling in terms of oral health. Periodontitis, which is an advanced gum disease stage, is not common in children. The first stage, however, is widespread amongst teens and children. You need to beware of the signs of the disease like bleeding, tender, red, or swollen gums so that you rush to see the doctor.

by Tamara Santos Traubmann

JERUSALEM, May 31 (Xinhua) -- Tens of thousands of Israel's black Jewish minority marched recently against ongoing racial profiling and police brutality, blocking traffic arteries throughout the country, including in the big cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa.

In Tel Aviv, dozens of protesters and policemen were injured, after police tried to disperse the protest using stun grenades, water cannons and tear gas, turning it into one of the most violent demonstrations Israel's financial capital ever saw.

The trigger to these events was a video footage from a CCTV, showing two policemen beating a 19-year-old Ethiopian man, a soldier in the Israeli military, without any apparent provocation. Both policemen were fired.

"Our parents dreamed of getting to Jerusalem for years," says Orly Malesa, 37, a social activist who lives in Tel Aviv, adding that great excitement spread through the community when they were told they would be leaving Israel.

"But here they found that it doesn't matter who you are, how much you have contributed the country, at the end of the day you are just black," she adds with sadness.

Benni Melaku would normally be considered an "A-list" Israeli. After serving his duty to the Israeli military in an elite intelligence unit, he got a lucrative job with a security firm.

In his spare time, 34-year-old Melaku is volunteering as a teacher for underprivileged youths and with a charity that provides meals for people in need.

However, most Israelis see him as nothing more than an Ethiopian, an inferior category of black Jewish citizen which renders him target of racial discrimination.


Ethiopia's Jewish community immigrated to Israel in two secret airlifted operations of Israeli agencies in 1984 and 1991, which were hailed by the state as saving African Jews from wars and hunger.

But today few in the community are celebrating. The community includes some 130,500 people that have been struggling to integrate into society with little success.

Many of them live in impoverished areas in Israel and according to the Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews, they earn 40 percent less than the average Israeli income, and 38.5 percent of them live under the poverty line, while the general rate stands at 14.3 percent.

"You encounter racism as a child, when as a kid you are segregated into separate kindergartens and schools. Later, in nightclubs you are discriminated against by the selector at the gate," says Melaku.

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