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t enough for you? Nike also allows you to customize your shoe to how y

ZAGREB Cheap Josh Manson Hat , May 25 (Xinhua) -- Luka Modric and his UEFA Champions League triumph with Real Madrid were main topics in Croatian camp on Sunday.

"Luka (Modric) played excellent, especially in the second half and extra time. He was all over the field. He was perfect like he was throughout the whole season. This is a reward for everything that he was doing in the last two years," Croatian coach Niko Kovac said on Sunday.

Modric's teammates were also full of praise. "We are all happy for Luka. We wanted to see the trophy in his hands," said forward Ivica Olic who was very close to lifting the trophy himself in 2012 when Bayern Munich lost the UEFA Champions League final against Chelsea on penalties.

"Real Madrid deserved this trophy because they were the best team in UEFA Champions League. I want to congratulate Luka (Modric) on his performance and I hope that he will play for Croatia at the World Cup as he did for Real Madrid," said Ivan Perisic, Olic's teammate from German Bundesliga side Wolfsburg.

While his teammates were going through hard drills in Austrian resort Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Modric was celebrating. The celebration started on the field in Lisbon, continued on the plane and carried on to the streets of Spanish capital city.

"I was out until 8 am when Gareth Bale drove me home. I thought that I will go to sleep but there was another party at my house where family and friends were waiting for me," Modric told Sportske novosti, Croatian daily sports newspaper.

Croatian coach Kovac gave Modric four days to rest and the Real Madrid star will join national team in Croatia for a friendly match against Mali on 31 May.

Air Force One

Created by Bruce Kilgore, in 1982, Nike Air Force 1 sneakers were created nearly one hundred years after the first sneakers were designed. Made with comfort in mind, Nike provided the first shoe with small pockets of gas for cushion during sport activities. During this year, Nike created the first shoe made for the popular court sport, basketball. Before these, sneakers were mainly made for comfort and stability while walking. Made from canvas and rubber, sneakers got their name because people could sneak up behind another person without being heard. It wasn t until sneakers became more popular that Nike created the shoes that they have today. Named after the plane that carries the American president, Air Force 1 was meant to be popular from the start. Even though the shoe was retired only a year after being created, Nike re released them in 1986.

The footwear is still used today and just as popular as ever, if not more. A single was written about the product by rappers Nelly and The St. Lunatics. Famous hip hop artist find them stylish and professional athletes use them in the courts. Inner city youth follow their role models in this trendy fashion, wearing them for their sleek, cool looks and the comfort that they provide. Not only is Air Force 1 stylish, they are comfortable! They have to be, for top performance during the big game or kickin it back with your friends. The high top of these Nike shoes help in bracing your ankles for those big jumps, helping in reducing injury upon landing. For added support, they can also provide you with a high strap, keeping you from rolling in your shoes during a tight turn and sudden stops that are required in a fast paced basket ball game.

To further improve performance, Nike provides great rubber grip that is sure to keep you in game. All though Air Force 1 are created mainly in black or white with a colored Nike swoosh and heel, Nike provides you with many more options. Nike provides you with three different types of shoe heights including low, midway and high tops. As if that wasn t enough they give you plenty of patterns, textures, colors and forms for you the chose from. Are all of these options still not enough for you? Nike also allows you to customize your shoe to how you want them. Your sneakers can be unique and stylish that first your personality. If playing on the court isn t your thing, the low or mid cut shoe is great for a sleek style that is sure to impress your friends. Nike has a great product in Air Force 1 sneakers; these can be worn by the young, hip, fashionable or even the older people looking for great comfort and support. Buy them from the shelf or have them custom designed to fit your new hip style. Once you try these sneakers.This is ground control to air force one, do you copy? There s a reason Nike gave their world class shoe the title of Nike Air Force One.

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So What’s A Weight Loss Meal Plan?

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