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BLERIN, Jan.17 (Xinhua) -- German fashion designer Dorothee Schumacher opened here Tuesday Berlin fashion week 2017 with an elegant and playful collection for the coming autumn and winter.

The biannual fashion event, hosted by Mercedes-Benz, is expected to attract some 200,000 visitors including buyers, industry professionals and many fashion enthusiasts to the German capital until Jan. 20 this year.

Dorothee Schumacher, who tends to give a touch of sportiness to the female silhouette, presented in the opening runway show her latest ready-to-wear clothing under the label of the same name with some eye-catching loops on jackets and dresses, which can be seen mostly in black and white as well as warm yellow.

The follow-up Munich-based label Holy Ghost showed, however, its spring and summer collection for 2017 with a mixture of delicate, airy, feminine and sporty style. Instead of as usual in high heels, the designers send the models in sneakers and slippers onto the runway.

Using soft fabric in earth tone colors, Laotian born designer Hien Le delivered a fashionable and functional collection with a scent of simplicity and construction both for women and men.

In addition, leading fashion designers including Rebekka Ruetz, Perret Schaad, Michael Sontag and Dawid Tomaszewski, as well as leading German fashion label Laurel, will return to the stage with their new collections, while more smaller fairs for trade visitors will take place, showcasing trends from streetwear to eco-fashion across the city in the next four days.

For Berlin, the fashion industry has become an important economic factor in recent years,as the fashion week brings the capital an additional sources of income of around 120 million euros (128.44 million U.S. dollars) per season, according to the figures from Berlin Fashion Week.

Director Xie Fei Photo: Courtesy of Blueberry Pictures

"We can't judge whether the film industry is prosperous by looking at numbers Buccaneers Ali Marpet Jersey , like how many films we made, how much box office we earned," veteran director Xie Fei told the Global Times on Wednesday, indicating that he does not believe the current rapid expansion of the Chinese film market is an indicator of real prosperity.

"The choices of the tens of millions of young people determine the fate of the country's film industry," said Xie, the former vice president of the Beijing Film Academy and member of the council for the China Film Association. He went on to explain that the average age of audiences who buy tickets and watch films in cinemas is around 21. Xie said that if the industry continues to pander to this young demographic, the aesthetic tastes of which Xie believes have been somewhat ruined by excessive entertainment trends of the past 20 years, then the entire film industry will be nothing but "excessive entertainment" and films of "low taste."

This worry isn't coming from nowhere. As the number of domestic films and box office results keep rising to new heights every year, so to has concern over the quality of domestic films. People have noticed many of the highest-earning films of the year also tend to be the ones that suffer from the most criticism.

Xie also pointed out the current Chinese film market lacks a balance between commercial films and art house films and that without the latter it's hard to improve audiences' appreciation for film.

"The power to choose which films make it through the limited quota for foreign films is in the hands of the China Film Group Cooperation, and they only import those that earn lots of money, like Transformers. Why not open up and allow film companies to distribute art house films?" Xie said.

In Xie's opinion, reversing the current situation is not something the industry can do alone and will require the government and the law to support cultural and artistic cinemas and film festivals, so they can better co-exist with mainstream commercial films.

On Wednesday, Xie sat down with directors Xue Haofeng - also a professor at the Beijing Film Academy - Liu Guonan and Dai Rui, for a panel discussion titled Beauty of Film - Magic Editing co-organized by the China Film Editing Association and Blueberry Pictures.

These four speakers stressed the importance of editing in film and pointed out that one major issue facing the industry is domestic directors' lack of skill.

Dai Rui, who used to study at the New York Film Academy, revealed that "many directors are reluctant or not used to writing a shooting script, and end up handing any problems over to post-production. But by that point it's already too late." In his opinion it's a mark of unprofessionalism for a director to not think about editing while shooting a film.

"They [Editors] are saving you [directors]! Shooting five hours worth of material for a two hours film means that a director is incompetent," Xie said, putting things straightforwardly.

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Posted by everten in Home on July 21st, 2015

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