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CHICAGO Camiseta Jesus Vallejo , March 19 (Xinhua) -- Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) agricultural commodities closed mixed on Thursday with wheat rising slightly while corn and soybeans fell slimly.

The most active corn contract for May delivery lost 1.25 cents, or 0.33 percent, to close at 3.735 U.S. dollars per bushel. Wheat for May delivery gained 1.25 cents, or 0.24 percent, to close at 5. 12 dollars per bushel. May soybeans fell 3.25 cents, or 0. 34 percent, to close at 9.6175 dollars per bushel.

It has been a thin volume day of trade with corn, soybeans and wheat as the recent FED announcement turned out to be dovish on Wednesday, analysts said.

The U.S. dollar has rallied sharply Thursday, which has pulled any fund buying from commodities, put pressure for agriculture commodities, except that the wheat market catches a bid on dry plain weather, the chicago-based company Agresource said in its daily newsletter

Fund buying was based on concerns that the dry weather may damage the wheat as the crops were struggling after breaking dormancy. CBOT floor brokers reported net buyers bought around 1, 800 contracts of wheat in the morning.

The Importance Of Holiday Decorators The Importance Of Holiday Decorators August 23, 2014 | Author: Sherry Gross | Posted in Customer Service

Holidays come every year and they are full of celebrations to mark the particular events. Holiday decorators are just companies whose sole work or purpose is to make a home or a business premise look good during a holiday or a festive season. The most common of these holidays is Christmas which is celebrated annually every end of the year.

A holiday is a special occasion to a group of people who share a common agenda. The people affected by the occasions are expected to celebrate and make merry during this particular point in time. Such events take place every now and then. The numbers of holidays that exist in the world today are just too many too count. Countless festivities take place each and every year in many places across the world.

This event is marked at the end of each and every year in a bid to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. This is a religious event in the Christian community but this season has gained worldwide acceptance and people from all walks of life join into the festivities even if they are not from this subject religion. This season is normally characterized by a number of things.

Christmas for example marks the birth of Jesus Christ who is the savior or Messiah in the Christian religion. His birthday is celebrated by Christians and other believers from all parts of the world at a specific date and time of the year. This make this occasion very special to this special group of people. To effectively mark this day in style, a lot of pomp and color has to go into the preparations.

The tree is lined up with other multiple objects inside buildings or just outside the premise for people to look at and admire. The use of ribbons and balloons for such celebration and others like it is quite common. These are usually colorful things that make the whole place look jovial and alive. Use of as many colors as possible is very much recommended in such a situation.

These trees are then decorated with a wide variety of colorful objects that make it look more appealing to others. The decorations that can be used here are things like light bulbs, ribbons and balloons. Lights catch the attention of people from afar due to the different color of bulbs that are used. All these work is done in a bid to make the festive season the best of times.

For those people who may not have time to do this work of decorating homes and Christmas trees, a few companies do exist to take care of this duty. The subject companies are specialized in the above work of decorating and beautification of places and spaces during holidays. They have skilled personnel who are experienced in setting up decorations of any kind.

The technological advancements of today’s world have brought about various decorative solutions for our holidays. There are various dedicated organizations and companies that exist today for the sole purpose of assisting people decorate their homes and work places during any type of event, occasion or festive season.

Get an overview of the reasons why you should hire holiday decorators and more information about a reputable lighting display and decoration company at now.

By Xinhua writer Yang Jianxiang

BEIJING, Dec. 22 (Xinhua) -- To the west of Tiananmen Square in Beijing, a dome-shaped construction is impressively unique among its generally square neighbors.

"The Giant Egg", it is the National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA).

Sheltered under the dome are four theaters. The opera house, capable of seating an audience of 2,398, is the main stage for operas, dance-dramas, ballet and large-scale performances. The concert hall, with 2,019 seats, is dedicated to orchestral and folk music. The 1,035 seat theatre is for drama and folk dances and the smaller MF theater, capable of accommodating 556 visitors, is a quiet, elegant place for chamber music, solos, little theater dramas and modern dance.

In the heart of the capital, the NCPA seems determined from the very beginning to justify its name by taking lead in development of the performing arts.

NCPA tries to suit both refined and popular tastes. It is engaged in five categories of the performing arts: opera, concert, ballet, drama and traditional Chinese opera. It does not cater to the pop industry.

Thanks to its design and state of the art acoustics, performances in NCPA are almost invariably without electronic sound enhancement, making performances immune to accusations of fakery. That's also why the opera house has never staged a western musical.

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