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Pandora January Birthstones cheap sale

Birthstone jewelry is often purchased as a special gift for a loved one. But have you ever wondered why there’s a gemstone assigned to each month? Where did that originate?  For thousands of years, gemstones have been thought to possess special healing properties or positive energies. The birthstone chart we know today has been used in the West since biblical times.


Garnet, with its deep red color, is thought to be an energizing and stabilizing stone that can revitalize the whole body. It’s said to support a positive self-image, increase energy levels, and calm anxiety. Wearing garnet can also help to prevent nightmares and keep travelers safe.

1.Pandora January Jewelry   Gift Set Sterling Silver/Red Garnet Droplets Earrings, Pendant, 17.7" Silver Chain(CA$62.85) - The Droplets Series come together in the New Year in a stunning Sterling Silver Necklace and Droplet Earrings which showcases a garnet to symbolize love, safe travel and a speedy homecoming. The warm red stone showcases the flower dome cut, which presents a stylized floral design on top of the stone. Add the matching January Droplets Ring to complete the set!

2.Pandora Sterling Silver Charm: Red January Signature Heart 802114203 (CA$16.13) - A round garnet for January birthdays forms the center of this heart-shaped openwork sterling silver charm from the PANDORA Autumn 2015 collection. Style # 791784GR.

3.Pandora Bracelet: Victoria Day Sterling Silver/London Blue Crystal/Garnet Glass/Clear CZ(CA$62.72) - The Victoria Day Inspiration Bracelet features a Sterling Silver PANDORA barrel clasp bracelet with several PANDORA charms including the January Signature Heart, Fascinating Blush, Birthday Wishes, All Wrapped Up and the Braided clips. We hope you like this inspiration bracelet.


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