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Introducing the jewellery line you’ll be wearing ALL summer

Beautiful forces of nature’ served as the season’s muses for Francesco Terzo and Filippo Ficarelli, the two Italians heading PANDORA’s product design team since 2016.

For Charmsinau, they’re introducing Shine, a collection of delicate pandora 14k gold-plated sterling silver cheap, in the shape of golden bees, honeycomb and the sun, making us dream of summer.

Why do you think women love jewellery?

[Filippo] With pandora jewelry outlet online shopping, a woman can find something that adds value to her sense of self, something that can be a statement, which can empower. For us, fashion, like jewellery, is the singular world where you can add personality and personal touches, giving a woman more opportunity to express her personality, who she is, and be more creative. Because, in the end, wearing a ring on a different finger is a touch of creativity… there is choice! We want to inspire our woman to feel creative, to feel good.

Who do you think the Pandora woman is?

[Filippo] The Pandora woman is contemporary, modern. She can be fragile, but she can be super strong. A woman’s place in society now is really inspiring for us. We really want to draw parallels between this sense of beauty, nature, and flowers.

[Francesco] If you’re a Pandora woman you can wear just a white t-shirt and jeans with your jewellery and you can decide your personality. You can tell a story.

There are lot of nature references in the new Pandora collection. Tell us more about that…

[Filippo] Yes, we have our bee symbol, which tells a story. It conveys a sense of royalty, symbolism, passion, performance, and networking together. So we work around this story, how these values are important to Pandora and also how the bee can be interesting as a jewellery icon, because at the end of the day the bee is a jewellery icon in history.

We also worked together on the idea of the sun. The sun really is something personal. When you feel the rays of light in the spring, it gives you a different kind of energy. You can say the winter is going and you’re coming into spring. It’s a kind of emotion and we try to convey this kind of feeling into the collections.


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